Camiguin Island Philippines
Camiguin Island Philippines

The Dive Sites Around Camiguin

There are at least 20 or so top dive sites around Camiguin Island, here is a list of the most spectacular ones, which are also reachable within 10 to 45 Minutes by boat from the tourist resorts at Agoho or Yumbing beach:

  • White Island: Only 10 minutes by boat from Agoho or Yumbing beach. Stong current most of the time and beautyfull forest of "Black Coral".
  • Old Volcano: Spectacular dive site with a canyon to dive trough. Field with sand eels. Only about 20 Minutes by boat from Agoho.
  • Sunken Cementery: Just a name, there are no graves or buildings to be seen under water. But it's a nice reef with plenty of soft coral and very often you will see turtles here. 30 minutes by boat.
  • Tangup Hot Springs:Nice reef with soft coral along the coast line of Camiguin. 15 to 20 minutes by boat.
  • Tangup Bay:The place for beginners: Nice reef with hard and soft coral and some nice rock formations in depths of 10 meters. 15 to 20 minutes by boat.
  • Jigdub Reef: under water reef, about 45 minute by boat from Agoho Beach. Beautyfull drop off on one side and slope with strong current on the other site. About 40 to 50 minutes by boat.
  • Mantigue Island: Mantigue Island is an Maledives like island and surounded by a nice "drop off" reef. Takes 45 to 55 minutes to get threre.